Get Your Home Market Ready!

Staging helps get your property market ready to attract buyers!

98% of home buyers start searching for homes online and the average online home buyer takes only 4 to 6 seconds to determine if they want to view a house.  It is crucial that your property looks amazing!  When you list your home with Cinda Rose you get a FREE 2 Hour Staging Transformation from a local staging company!!  This applies to all seller occupied listings.  The staging company will come in and transform your property to get it market ready.

What does “market ready” mean?

Market ready means a home is ready to hit the market to attract buyers.  Staging helps get your home market ready.  It’s important to remember that staging is different than interior decorating.  Interior decorating is how you live in your home and how you feel comfortable in your home.  The goal of staging is to make your property appeal to the widest amount of buyers by providing a clean slate for them to imagine themselves living there.   Just like home builders do for their model homes.

Once the staging transformation is complete, a professional photographer will complete a photo shoot of your home so it will stand out online and in print advertising.

What can you expect Get your home market ready with staging.during your staging consultation?

Read the blog post below to find out (this link takes you to my other website,

Cinda Rose Staging Consultation

If larger staging items are suggested by the staging company, such as painting a room a more neutral color, I am here to help you locate the right person to get the job done so we can get your home ready for the market.  The staging company tries to keep the costs at a minimum for sellers, but they also want to make sure your home appeals to the most buyers.  Together we will get your home market ready!

Have any questions about getting your property market ready, staging or selling your home?  Feel free to call, email or text me.  623-252-9350,

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