Staging Your Home For Top Dollar$$

Staging is on ME! Top Dollar is for YOU!!

Presentation is everything!!  How your home first appears to buyers online and in person is critical!  98% of home buyers are starting their home search online!  The average online home buyer takes 4 to 6 seconds to determine if they have an interest in a house.  As a part of my full-service sales approach, I pay for and include a 2-Hour Staging Transformation for all of my seller occupied listings.*  The goal of staging is to make your home appeal to the most buyers by making it shine, both in photos and during showings.

My staging partner, Staging Arizona, will walk through your home and then spend two hours transforming it.  If they don’t complete everything in two hours, they will provide a report of specific action items that still need to be completed.  As soon as you are sure I am the right Realtor to sell your home, we will set a target date for being live on the MLS and then determine when we need to schedule your staging consultation.

What can you expect during your staging consultation?

If larger items or tasks are suggested by the staging company, I am here to help you locate anyone that you may need to assist you with getting your home market ready, like painters, handymen, flooring companies and electricians.  Once your house is ready for the market I’ll send out a professional photographer to capture your home so it will stand out from the competition online.

*If your property is vacant or tenant occupied, the 2-hour staging transformation does not apply. The staging company can assist you directly with staging a vacant home.

Have any questions about staging or selling your home?  Feel free to call, email or text me.